Body Work & Spraying

We will restore your car to newness.

Our body work shop provides an excellent repair service for accident damage affecting several panels or those frustrating scuffs and scratches. We can repair any part of the car body from wheel arches, stone chips in the bonnet to dents on the tailgate. We can carry out rapid repairs with our panel beating service and have your vehicle back on the road the same day.

Our full bodywork repairs include panel beating, fabrication, lead loading, welding and setting perfect panel gaps, ensuring the best foundation step in beginning auto bodywork preparation. We use all forms of media blasting (dependent upon the surface and material in question), while simultaneously ensuring rust and oxidation have been eradicated.

Paint Spraying

Over time a vehicle undergoes general wear and tear and paint can lose its gloss and become covered in minute scratches and swirls. We can restore the glow and shine back into a paint finish using various expert detailing techniques. Being the leading vehicle spray painting and bodywork repair centre, we undertake work from small dents, scratches, plastic bumper cracks, full restorations and body work repairs to full bare metal resprays on cars.

Having built up a wealth of experience for vehicle restorations which has made us the choice car restoration specialists. We pride ourselves on our excellent quality and professional customer service. Each paint job is carried out in our oven-bake spray-booth for a clean, flawless finish, using state of the art equipment, by our team of seasoned professionals.

We under take restoration works such as:

Anti-Corrosion Work

We undertake repairing most types of corrosion and rust on your vehicle, which can include corrosion or rust on wheel arches, bonnet and corrosion caused by stone chips. We do recommend to our customers that corrosion work should be fixed sooner rather than later as over time it can cause extensive damage to vehicle. Where possible, cut out the corroded part and a new section welded in.

Cracked Bumper Repair

Part of our service includes mending any sort of crack in the front or rear bumper. Whether the bumper consists of a single crack or multiple cracks, we can repair them using plastic welding. This process even allows us to repair holes in the bumper (depending on the size) rather than having to change the bumper.

Scratch Repair

Scratch repairs are something we see a lot of and deal with at Millhahour Autos. We usually paint and repair the scratched full panel rather than part of it, as in this way it produces a higher quality of repair and more durable, so much so that all our work comes with a guarantee.

When it comes to painting a car, we put everything into the preparation. Whether its repairing a chip or re-spraying the whole car, prepping the paintwork is just as important as applying the paint, and this plays an enormous part in the quality of the end result.

Our customers' cars have become the benchmark for body work repair and paint spraying.