Electrical and Electronics Repair

A dead battery, misfiring starter or alternator is an indication of an electrical problem.

At GT4U, our experts will repair your vehicle properly the first time around and ensure that it is in top driving condition. Our approach is to determine if the vehicle has any particular problems or points of concern such as surging, lack of power, hard starting (hot or cold), pinging etc.


The battery supplies electric energy which powers the ignition system, the starter motor, and the lights of an automotive. If you need to jump-start your vehicle in the morning, your battery could be failing. When a battery starts deteriorating, it can either be replaced or repaired - this will depend on the severity of the damage. At GT4U, we provide a convenient battery testing and replacement service to get you back on the road. Our services include: battery replacement, charging, installation, testing, and recycling.


A starter is a motor (electric, hydraulic or pneumatic) that rotates the internal combustion engine to initiate the engine's operation. Starters are important parts of your car's engine and their failure would translate to your car's failure. When your car's starter develops problems, seek our expertise to get you back on the road.


An alternator is an automotive device that converts mechanical energy to electric energy (ac). Alternators are important parts of your car's engine and their failure would translate to your car's failure. When your car's alternator develops problems, seek our expertise immediately.

Electronics Repair

The various stages below are employed in our electronics repair services:


We expertly diagnose all the electronic parts in your car to identify any faults in any devices.

Check Engine Light

When the "Check Engine" light come on, it could mean a costly problem, like a bad catalytic converter, or it could be something minor, like a loose gas cap. We are able to identify and resolve any issues.


Car manufacturers include at least one computer in motor vehicles. This computer's main function is to monitor and adjust engine and transmission operations. The computer receives input information from different sensors. The computer controls spark plugs, idle speed, and fuel injectors to get you the best possible performance. Failure of the car computer will greatly affect what it controls. To get the most out of your car's computer, have it evaluated regularly for updates and proper operation. If it is already failing, have it repaired or replaced.

Engine Controls

Basically, an engine control system is an on-board computer in your car. Like all computers, the engine controls are composed of hardware and software. Automotive engine control systems are responsible for regulating exhaust emissions and providing increased fuel economy. We restore your care to optimal conditions by ensuring that engine controls are working properly, so that you get the best out of your car's incredibly powerful technology,

Computer Re-flashing

Our state-of-the-art equipment provide computer re-flashing to our customers. The primary reason to reflash a computer (which basically means updating or reinstalling its software) is that an update has been issued by the manufacturer. It's a very simple procedure, and there may be minor updates that the car hasn't had. The manufacturer may have tweaked the transmission-shifting algorithm or some other parameters that are not crucial but may bring slight improvements to drivability, mileage or emissions. Since auto manufacturers are coming out with automobile updates every day, there may be a reprogram available for your vehicle.


Drivability is the degree of smoothness and steadiness of your car's acceleration. Most modern cars are fitted with on-board computers that continuously check the readings from various sensors. In case of drivability problems, you will receive a warning message on your car's dashboard. Having your car diagnosed with the right tools, training, and technology for drivability issues, ensures optimal smoothness and steadiness of your car's acceleration.