Full Upgrades

Making your own mark on your vehicle is often an expression of self.

As cars have progressed and become better quality, so have the customisation options to the point where no one has to have the exact same car as fellow model owners. These affordable customisations will make your car look more awesome than you already think it does. Just a single upgrade from this list can significantly transform your vehicle into one that is far more attractive and eye-catching on the road. Parked next to others of the same make and model, it is sure to stand out with its individual character.

The available vehicle restyling, performance & protection options are listed below:

Window Tints

Auto window tint transforms a vehicle’s fish-bowl-like windows to ones that are stylish, sleek and private. This simple upgrade gives vehicles an upscale look while increasing driver and passenger comfort. At millhabour Autos, we help owners choose the ideal shade of tint and provide expert application for flawless results—no bubbles, creases or stretch marks. This upgrade has the additional benefits of blocking UV rays, protecting a vehicle’s upholstery from fading, reducing heat in the car, adding privacy and also increasing security by preventing potential thieves from seeing in the car to spot valuables.

Headlight tinting

Often incorrectly considered illegal, tinting your headlights is completely safe and legal when done within the boundaries set out by law. We are not advocating blocking light from your headlights, this is a styling option that looks awesome, so make sure it is done right. By applying film to the cover, you also add an extra layer of protection which will prevent fading and chips – result. There won’t be many of us that don’t love a bit of aggressive stealth styling and by tinting your lights, front and rear, you bring something extra to your car.

Car mats

There are stunning samples of available custom car mats which are padded and stitched. They make the whole foot-well a magical place.

Clear Paint Protection

For those looking to add some extra shine and protection to their vehicle, clear paint protection is a go-to upgrade. Owners can opt for full or partial front-end coverage, and custom coverage is available for rocker panels, rear bumpers, headlights and more. The professionally installed clear paint protection helps maintain the vehicle’s original high-gloss shine, preserve value, and prevent paint chips and fading caused by rocks, bird droppings and bug splatter.

Engine remap

Most maps (edited software code) are pre written and simply need to be uploaded onto your ECU. The easiest way to look at why get your engine tuned is to ask whether you want to improve performance from a fuel economy point of view or improve performance from a power and torque perspective.

Interior trim wrap

Do you hate the inside of your car, especially the nasty wood trim? Well, it can be easily covered with a trim wrap in almost any finish you can think of, leather look, carbon fibre or high gloss, the only limitation is your own imagination. In most cases the trim will be removed, from dashboards and doors, before having high quality vinyl products wrapped on them. The vinyl will not only add new colours and finishes to the interior but it will also protect the surfaces below and help retain the value of the vehicle.

Roof wrap

This is a massive restyling option, which can have a huge visual impact on almost any car. Due to the shape of a car roof, they can be wrapped quickly and easily. At GT4U, we use quality materials and employ skilful installers.

HID4 upgrade

Do headlights of old really cut it anymore? Seeing a great set of HID lights coming towards you on a dark night may still seem new, even though they have been around many years now. In fairness this is more than just a styling upgrade, as most of our choices are, they are simply way more effective than standard bulbs.

Seat covers

There are fantastic options available for interior trim and upholstery, coupled with some unique custom options such as branding and stitching. Our Seat covers in particular are custom designed to fit any vehicle models.

Wing mirror wrap

Similar to the roof wrap styling option, wing mirror wraps are a quick and affordable way of changing the look of your car without needing to go for a full colour change wrap. it is such a subtle option but it really can look the part.

Vehicle Wrap

Business owners often seek the professional application of vehicle wraps to advertise their business and dress up company vehicles. For personal rides, it’s a great way to add a bold character statement. Vehicle wraps may suit an owner seeking a classic side-stripe or who wants to represent their favorite sports team. GT4U is your expert source for the most aesthetically appealing wraps that guard from ink fading and flawless application.

Racing stripes

Old school but still cool. The classic racing stripe has not gone anywhere and it looks like it is staying around for some time. They are still seen on top of the range vehicles such as porsches and mustangs and are obviously still popular with the traditional Fords and Minis that are still hitting the roads from the showrooms.A racing stripe is a simple strip of quality vinyl, known as a car decal as it is cut vinyl, that is then applied along the length of the vehicle or over the bonnet and roof. They are a great way of breaking up the full block colour of the bodywork by using a contrasting colour or finish, think white stripe on a red car or something subtle like matte black on a gloss black car.

Upgraded Bumper

Since the bumper’s primary purpose is to guard the car during low speed collisions, an upgrade can have both safety and aesthetic advantages. Bumpers are made out of a variety of materials, including aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, fiberglass and plastic. Upgrading from the standard poly resin plastic that most automakers use, car owners can opt for a bumper that’s strong and weighty or durable and light. One can choose the color—like a shiny red to match the paint job or a matte black—opt for more or less ground clearance, and customize it with additional elements like bumper guards and grilles.

New Wheels & Rims

Another distinct vehicle upgrade is the customization of the tires and rims. Varying from the manufacturer’s standard parts can increase both performance and aesthetics. Depending on preference, vehicle owners may opt for a low-profile tire or a beefed-up, wider tire with a more aggressive tread. It’s vital the new tires maintain enough suspension and brake clearance and properly fit the centering hub. To ensure the right fit, work with GT4U so your vehicle’s steering geometry isn’t compromised. Vehicle rims come in all different styles and colors. From sporty to sleek, a rim upgrade is just another way to add some much-needed character to your ride.

Interior lighting

We spend a lot of time in our cars. We spend more time in them than we spend looking at them ourselves (well in most cases) so why wouldn’t we want to make the inside as perfect as possible. Interior lighting can add some serious visuals in your car.


The wonderful de-chrome, or chrome delete as it is also known. This is one of the newest wrap modifications to become popular, with manufacturers still distributing cars with metal trims. In some cases this is no problem, but in most, it’s just wrong. Black, gloss or matte, is the way to go for all window, door and grill trims and makes a massive difference. The de-chrome process is fiddly but it’s just like other wrapping processes, covering the surfaces in vinyl, protecting the surface below but bringing a new look to the vehicle.

Rim protection

Any alloy wheel can be protected. Keeping your vehicle in top shape is just as important as adding the extra style. There are various colour options available.