General Car Service

A service schedule helps you keep track of your regular vehicle maintenance.

A Car for many people is a luxury property. Due to this reason, a regular general car service schedule can help ensure that your car works optimally and safely. Thus extending the life of your car.

A regular car service helps prevent dangerous potential failures in your braking and steering system. The amount of work required in regular services will depend upon the number of kilometres travelled. GT4U has developed two general service schedules to help its customers keep track of regular maintenance. These are the minor services (generally every 10-15 thousand km depending on manufacturer) and the major services (generally every 30-45 thousand kilometres depending on manufacturer).

Minor car services

Minor car services are generally rather quick and generally only include changing the engine oil and oil filter. Engine oil loses its effectiveness over time and needs to be replaced to extend engine life. with a few other minor jobs such as checking and clean the spark plugs, and toping up automatic transmission fluid, the level of the coolant and brake fluid etc.

Major car services

This in stark contrast is the more comprehensive and more costly business of the vehicle service. The services vary deeply depending on the make and model of a given vehicle, the most common elements of this major service are checking the wear on brake pads and replace if necessary by obtaining brake pads that are appropriate for your vehicle. We also Inspect the brake hydraulic system hoses and pipes for leakages and corrosion, renew fuel line filter.

A common problem that occurs with old vehicles is sediment at the bottom of the fuel tank flows through the fuel lines and clogs the fuel filter and causing erratic, unstable fuel performance and reduced fuel economy this why the filter is always replaced.

Your tyre treads are Inspected for wear and damage. We also perform tyre rotation to extend the life of your car’s tyres. The pattern of wear on your tyres is looked at, since it can also indicate other problems in the vehicle such as suspension, steering and wheel balancing.

We also replace the air filter and cabin filter which improve engine performance and fuel economy and keep the air that you breathe inside the cabin clean. Visual check of windscreen wipers, battery condition, checking rear axle lubricant level and re-greasing front wheel bearings, adjusting park brake and headlight beams alignment, charging system, exhaust condition, coolant and windscreen washer levels.

In the end ignoring vehicle servicing really isn’t an option. Regular car services are important to keep your car road worthy and ensure your safety when on the road. GT4U ensures that your vehicle is always as good as new.